My painting Inferno inspired "Angelica.Rose" to write this poem: 

I extend to you, 
An invitation to
My inferno.... 

My shadow, on a phantom's flight
Witness seduction of what was once sane
You, a virtual voyeur in the dim night light
Bathe in my spa, a spring of burning pain 

I extend to you
My heart in offering
Come taste of it... 

It's seasoned, and done well
And petrified with purpose not
Lick the flame, make it swell
Cleavage conceals fires forgot 

I extend to you
My fuming, empty head 
Enter and ... 

Breathe the smoke rings swirling in my mind
Gaze in ash adorned eyes, drink tears of wine
Given a thousand days, never to mend nor find
Diverging all the senses.
Was there not a sign?

 My hand to play
A child's game... 

Of I hide... and you never seek me
Screams of fright, terror and toys
Paper and pencil friends, allow me be
Papa you love me? How I hate those boys! 

I invite you to
Come and smell 
The scent of... 

What embers remain of love's tired touch
Merciless, silent letters created the fuel
Self destructing, upon the fire's hungry clutch
Coals smolder, a fattening feast for the cruel 

Please, don't let this pathetic visage
scare you away
my invite always open 


On your painting, Inferno, I interpreted it as a man sitting at his desk, writing his memoirs, remembering better, happier times in the past, and perhaps feeling burdened by the responsibilities of family, etc now. His son stands in the door behind him, looking at his dad and wishing he would play with him. My daughter's interpretation is that the little boy IS the man at the desk and is part of the memory

Renate Kaufmann:
Dieses Bild ist eines meiner absoluten Favoriten von deinen Malereien!
Es scheint eine komplette Geschichte zu erzählen und es wirft inhaltlich viele Fragen auf.
Wer ist der schreibende Mann? Wer ist der Junge der beobachtend in der Tür steht? Wird hier von geheimen Leidenschaften berichtet die der Vater des Jungen niederschreibt? und / oder sind der Junge und der Mann ein und dieselbe Person? Berichtet möglicherweise der Künstler dreidimensional aus seinem eigenen Leben? Es ist wahrlich eine Darstellung welche den Betrachter in seinen Bann zieht und zudem auf die verborgenen Anteile, Begierden und Lüste in einem jeden Menschen hinweist. 
Per-Inge, von diesem Bild kann ich kaum meinen Blick abwenden.

Your painting "Inferno" reminds me of a poem I wrote. Sometimes I write poems to acompany my own art, and looking at your "Inferno" made me think of this one:
Marshmallow Dream 

This is not a marshmallow 
dry and white
powdered as dignitary wigs
perched on heads of
Mozart or Marie Antoinette 
chosen one
prepped for consumption
lapped up as from tongues of
innocent kittens
false assumption
of cloud or whipped cream
spun cotton between
suede thighs
Rather this is
some dark dream
moist sticky lust
pulled apart by thumbs
and peering eyes