Prince of darkness

Prince of Darkness

My Jimi Hendrix “portrait”, the first of those “portraits”. Inspired by

Dali´s painting Mae West. Also by Lena Svedberg´s chaotic drawings, and by Francis Bacon´s torn tortured portraits. I worked four years on that painting. Started drawing a pencil sketch. This was during my years as a teacher. In “well behaving” classes (which where not so many, the school was in an area with many problems, split families, alcohol, drugs) I found the best pedagogical method was to work together with the students. When the sketch was finished I started at home working on a fairly large oil, 150 cm of height. That painting was shown at the Spring Salon in Stockholm and caused sensation. I remember the female reporter from TV coming home to interview me was disappointed that I “didn´t at all seem as violent as the painting”. She was later seen on the TV reporting from several war scenes...


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