I have been living in Stockholm for more than fifty years. I love my city and it has become the most important motif in my art. What characterises my city are the waters and all the open views. Stockholm has been called The Venice of the north, and for good reasons!



From the water lily ponds of my childhood to abandoned car wrecks in the forest.


Magic Portraits

The wet pavement rape face of Jimi Hendrix and the fragrant fruit garden face of John Lennon leaving for Yoko Ono.


City winter

The changing seasons of my city fascinate me, especially the winter. It often offers more of rain than snow, with damp air and chilly winds. But sometimes the snow falls to a degree that turns the traffic into a total chaos. It’s also striking how the falling snow softens the noise of all cars and turns it into a mild whispering


From beauties around me to exotic beauties of my dreams.



From heroes of my working class childhood to superstars on the music scene

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